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AINS Maintenance Service Policy

AINS provides maintenance services in support of our products, on condition that the licensee has paid the applicable Annual Software Subscription Services and maintenance fees. Maintenance services can be extended each year for an additional one (1) year term at the then-current rate.

AINS Maintenance Support 

  • Includes five (5) unique technical support incidents per each maintenance period in support of new major or minor release implementation, software installation, updates/enhancements and software bug/defect fixes only.  Each call includes up to two hours of support time.  Multiple support calls can be used for a single incident or case that exceeds two hours.
  • DOES NOT include support on issues caused by specific network or server environments. These support will be charged according to AINS hourly rate schedule unless it is determined that the incident is a software bug fix.
  • DOES NOT include end user application support. Supplemental call packages are required for product end user helpdesk support (e.g. functional or “how to” support), which can be purchased separately.

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AINS Product End User Help Desk Support Policy

AINS Product End User Help Desk provides basic end user support, which includes functional and basic “how to” product support. Typical issues include: basic software how-to guidance, and basic software trouble-shooting. It DOES NOT include online training.

AINS Help Desk Support 

As per our policy:

  • The licensee’s help desk is considered an end user in this agreement. 
  • Each incident includes one (1) hour of help desk support.  Any end user support call exceeding one (1) hour will be counted as an additional incident per each hour used.
  • End user support is classified as Tier 1 support.  Any support issues escalated beyond the help desk is classified as Tier 2/3 support and will be charged according to AINS hourly rate schedule.

AINS Product End User Help Desk Support is offered based on the following support package levels:

a) 5 incidents with next business day response
b) 10 incidents with next business day response
c) 20 incidents with next business day response*

* Multiple numbers of call packages can be purchased in order to be provided with more than 20 call incidents.

To purchase Product End User Help Desk Support call packages, please contact