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Application Testing

Application testing is essential to driving quality, productivity gains and cost savings in the application development lifecycle. Some organizations are spending as much as 25-50% of application development costs on testing without experiencing the desired results. Undetected bugs, delayed releases, regulatory non-compliance, security intrusions and customer dissatisfaction are just some consequences of inadequate testing that can hurt your bottom line and weaken your competitive edge.


AINS offers end-to-end application testing services that deliver quantifiable results, including timely, high-quality releases and a reduction in testing expenditure by as much as 20-40%. We partner with each client to establish and manage a Testing Team that defines the client's objectives and service-level requirements and performs all aspects of testing, relying on a standardized approach and industry best practices.


AINS Delivers Results

Our application testing focuses on people, processes and technologies to streamline and optimize the testing function, delivering the following benefits:
  • Significant cost reduction (20-40% on average)
  • Increased productivity and decreased testing time
  • Accelerated product releases
  • Full lifecycle testing approach
  • Early defect detection and resolution
  • Improved quality through standardized processes and best practices (IEEE, ITIL, CMMI, and ISO)
  • Line of site into testing coverage and quality at every stage through requirements traceability and risk-based modeling

What Makes Us Unique

Finding a qualified testing provider among so many that can deliver the strategic benefits of testing while reducing your costs and risks is a challenge. AINS stands out from the competition by offering the following:
  • Full suite of testing services and capabilities
  • Large number of industry-certified testers
  • Testing tool independence (experienced in using all leading vendor and open source tools)
  • Outstanding client satisfaction ratings
  • Leverage industry-leading, open source test management and execution tools

Our Testing Services

AINS offers comprehensive testing services, including:
  • Test planning, management and execution
  • Performance and load testing
  • Application security assurance
  • Operational readiness testing 
  • Handset and mobile application testing
  • SOA testing services
  • Manual and automated regression testing
  • Usability, privacy and accessibility testing 
  • Testing training and development
  • Testing assessment and consulting services
While we strive to remain testing tool agnostic, our teams often utilize the following:
  • Borland Silk Test
  • Borland Silk Performer
  • JAWS