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eCase Audit is a comprehensive audit and investigations process management solution, built to support the complete audit lifecycle for Offices of Inspectors General (OIGs). 


The Problem with Current Audit Processes

Although it is the goal of OIG audits to ensure that agency programs are operating economically, efficiently and effectively, oftentimes the audit process itself lacks these qualities. Most audits are currently being handled via bulky spreadsheets or scattered manual systems that lack effective records tracking, management, and retention and do not provide consistent tracking and documentation of work. Because of these decentralized processes, reports require added effort as all relevant information must be manually compiled from a variety of sources.

eCase Audit: A Comprehensive Solution

eCase Audit spans the complete audit lifecycle: from audit planning, audit performance, and audit follow-up to recommendation tracking and reporting. The eCase Audit solution provides capabilities to track the workflow of audit events, artifacts, reports, recommendations and corrective actions. It provides fully repeatable processes along with records management for required evidentiary audit documents. Official notifications are supported throughout the whole process. Rather than tying your organization down to a pre-defined 

 business process or model, eCase provides both the fluidity to handle change as well as the scalability and customization to handle multiple applications at once.  Use the eCase platform to align your IT with your business operations and not the other way around.

Benefits of eCase Audit

By automating the audit process eCase Audit provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased timeliness
  • Improved collaboration/communication
  • Better analytics and ease of reporting
  • Centralization and consistency of audit processes
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased visibility into the entire audit process

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