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Cloud IaaS 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from AINS is structured to give you the power to design, provision and scale your infrastructure and applications as your needs change, in a highly secure, robust and flexible environment. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, our IaaS offering is supported by cloud services to help you create effective cloud strategies. We also are adapting our industry-leading products and services to support the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.

AINS Can Help You:

  • Help organizations identify target applications to move to an IaaS environment to replace their legacy infrastructure (servers, storage, etc). 
  • Help select the appropriate IaaS vendor to meet their budget. 
  • Replace on-premise infrastructure with an orderly transition to IaaS.

IaaS Benefits

  • Freedom from limits: on-demand access to robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Power and control: rapid provisioning and enterprise-grade security, performance and transparency
  • Predictability: predictable costs, strong governance and service-level driven outcomes
  • Expert guidance: 23 years of experience in infrastructure and software services to guide effective integration, management and governance of cloud services

AINS has provided IaaS to a wide variety of clients and initiatives and we have invested in cloud compatible infrastructure to support agile, efficient and scalable environments.