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Correspondence Solutions

Correspondence is far more than simply 'answering the mail'; it is the lifeblood that drives your organization.  Large businesses, regulated industries and government agencies receive and must adequately handle thousands of forms of correspondence, including:

  • Citizen or constituent mail
  • Congressional mail
  • White House mail
  • Memorandum
  • Policy directives
  • Questions for the record
  • Customer questions and complaints
  • Suggestions
  • Referendums

Each piece of correspondence must be processed according to its own unique requirements, standards and workflows.  

The eCase Correspondence application helps organizations handle the complexities of correspondence business processes by providing powerful case management tools and the flexibility to be tailored to unique organizational workflows and terminology. 

Tools for Success: eCase Empowers You. 

Once we have captured the breadth of workflows at play in your organization we continue to support the tools we have implemented.  Moreover, we put productivity tools in your control- empowering your managers and users for continual success.  eCase:

  • Allows action managers to track and monitor the entire lifecycle of a correspondence document from the time it is received to the time final responses are sent out or the case is closed. 
  • Has standard reports that allow action managers to track all pending, overdue and completed actions
  • Provides ad hoc reports that allow users to customize criteria.  
  • Enables swift collaboration between users in disparate locations in real time by means of discussion threads.
  • Maintains all documents in the organization's selected repository such as Sharepoint or Documentum.
  • Protects against error and confusion in multiple drafts by means of version and source control.