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ATIPXpress for FIPPA

Immediately comply with Ontario's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) with ATIPXpress.  ATIPXpress can help Ontario hospitals & health organizations, universities & colleges, school boards, municipalities & local government bodies and other organizations automate thier FIPPA process and ensure compliance. 

The problem: How to stay FIPPA compliant while maximizing resources?

FIPPA requires organizations (and will soon require Ontario hospitals) to track the following access request information:

  • The number of access requests received;
  • The number of requests refused and the provisions of the Act relied upon for refusal;
  • The number of times each provision was invoked;
  • The number of appeals commenced;
  • The amount of fees collected;
  • Any other information indicating an effort by the institution to put into practice the purposes of the Act.

The Solution: ATIPXpress electronic Freedom of Information and FIPPA management system

Unlike manual systems that can be time consuming and inaccurate, the ATIPXpress application automatically tracks all required FIPPA metrics and generates the required annual report within seconds. ATIP tracks and automates the entire lifecycle of an access request - from request receipt to dissemination of requested documents, simply and easily.

By automating FIPPA compliance, ATIPXpress saves you time and money.


ATIPXpress features:

  • System Control - assign users and groups to specific cases.
  • Reporting - automatically generate required reports to parliament, including: billing reports, audit reports and generate your own custom reports.
  • Document Review - search, retrieve, review and severe (redact) documents. Optical character recognition enables full text, multi-lingual search of all documents. Automatically insert relevant exemptions when severing a document.
  • Workflow automation - assign access requests to staff, track the access request life cycle at every stage, generate access request reports on progress and automatically alert relevant staff to approaching due dates.
  • Automated correspondence - automatically generate request correspondence via correspondence templates.
  • Public reading room - post frequently requested documents and keep requesters informed about their request status online.

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