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FOI Solutions: Freedom of Information By Design

Freedom of Information (FOI) is an increasingly global concern with impacts for government transparency, personal privacy and business processes.  As experts in FOI request processing, FOI administration, and redaction best practices as well as emerging FOI legislation, AINS prides ourselves on being on the cutting edge of FOI development worldwide.  

FOI tools (FOIAXpress & ATIPXpress):

FOIAXpress  and ATIPXpress are the number one FOI tools used in the United States and Canada. Our FOI tools:

  • Electronically store, retrieve, redact and print document for delivery to requesters
  • Easily compute and track invoices and fees
  • Automatically generate annual compliance report such as the Department of Justice FOIA report in seconds
  • Track and manage appeals

FOI Tools with Public Access Link (PAL) Web Portal:

PAL Web Portal is an online portal integrated with FOIAXpress and ATIPXpress to allow the public to submit and track the status of their FOI request over the Internet. PAL Web Portal:

  • Allows requesters to check on the status of their request and communicate with the FOI department
  • Allows requesters to receive their final documents through the portal
  • Provides a Reading Room where an agency can easily post and manage frequently requested documents

FOIA Services include:

Leveraging our wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) experience, AINS provides a range of FOIA services to government clients, including:

  • Request intake, internal tracking and collaboration.
  • Preparation of all relevant correspondence.
  • Collection of requisite applicant notification.
  • Coordination with applicant for issues concerning document releasability, fees, or other items.
  • Responsive document review, screening and redaction.
  • Appropriate memorandum preparation supporting the application of FOI exemptions.
  • Preparation of appellate referral packages for agency denial authority.
  • FOI training and FOI appellate review capabilities.

All AINS staff are experts in the use, administration and training of our unique FOI tools, which are the de facto standard for FOI software in use worldwide.