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FOIA Services

AINS now provides skilled FOIA professionals to our Federal government customers to improve FOIA program productivity. Our FOIA professionals are experienced, uniquely skilled and available to assist agencies to process requests and to augment existing resources.

What does FOIA Services offer?

AINS FOIA Services include:

  • FOIA On-site Staffing: AINS FOIA Support Professionals are skilled in all aspects of FOIA processing. Utilize AINS FOIA staff to complement or supplement existing resources.
  • FOIA Review Team: AINS offers short-term staffing solutions consisting of small review teams to provide assistance in key trouble areas such as backlog reduction, voluminous requests, temporary staffing deficiencies, etc.
Our FOIA support professionals are skilled in all aspects of FOIA and declassification processing, including:
  • Providing data entry and completing reporting requirements.
  • Gathering all responsive documents and providing document scanning and conversion services.
  • Preparing correspondence such as submitter notices, fee letters, and third party authorization letters.
  • Redacting material responsive to FOIA exemptions.
  • Reviewing each FOIA response and providing consultations, guidance, and training as well as collaborating with the requester.

Why choose AINS for complete FOIA support services?

Our FOIA and declassification specialists are:
  • Experts in utilizing the FOIAXpress application to increase responsiveness and reduce cost.
  • Experts in backlog reduction strategies.
  • Experts in correct application of the FOIA exemptions.
  • Experts in back file conversion using AINS' FOIAXpress and ScanXpress applications.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing efficient FOIA business processes and standard operating procedures, leveraged from more than 140 government FOIAXpress implementations.
  • Experts in adhering to existing laws, regulations and policies.
  • Experienced in ensuring the delivery of responsive, correctly redacted records to requester within the 20 day clock.
  • Experts in declassification and the secure redaction and release of sensitive information.

To learn more read our FOIA Services Brochure.