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URAC Wins Case Management Excellence Award

AINS and URAC make one terrific team! Last month, URAC was honored with the 2016 Workflow Management Coalition Award for Excellence in Case Management.

The WfMC award highlights the very best of case management technology and innovation, and URAC certainly deserves a round of applause. URAC, a leader in promoting health care quality through accreditation, education and measurement, teamed with AINS’ to implement the eCase Adaptive Case Management platform. They used the case management tool to modernize and transform their accreditation process through their AccreditNet web portal. Accreditation applicants now submit their information through an interactive portal which is then processed through eCase, improving accuracy, speeding processing, and delivering top-of-the line positive user experience.


For more information on URAC's Case Management Excellence Award, download the full press release.



10 “Must Haves” for HR

Can technology improve the employee experience?

Ashwin Eapen, AINS Sales Engineer, meets with Federal HR departments each week to learn about their needs
and how technology can solve problems. While every agency is different, there are similar themes among HR Professionals.

Managers need an easier way to accomplish tasks, faster response and a way to positively connect HR to employees - improving engagement and inclusion.

Ashwin details the 10 “Must Have” features requested by HR Professionals.


10. Automated Assigning of Cases

Our clients use eCase HR’s assignment feature to set up rules to send the right forms to the right people. Going on vacation? It even includes integration with “Out of Office” Autoresponders to reassign cases when you are enjoying time at the beach.


9. Search

It’s much faster to type in search words than sort through piles of paper. Easy search capabilities allow the user to search all fields and within documents in the system through keywords, wildcards, IDs and advanced fields.


8. Attachment Size

Nothing is more frustrating than getting an error message that your attachment is the wrong size. eCase HR was designed with flexibility in mind. Administrators can select unlimited size or define size limits; a powerful system like eCase doesn’t slow down when files are uploaded.


7. Alerts & Notifications

A smart system should remind you what to do next. eCase sends email notifications to let users know when a case moves to the next stage, has a deadline pending or transfers to another application. Email alerts are customizable so users can add notes or instructions with each notification.


6. Security

Security comes in two forms: protection from the outside and from the inside. Role-based permissions lock down information internally so only authorized users can see or make changes. The system has built-in security features and is hosted in a FedRAMP certified data center designed to safeguard the Federal Government’s most critical information.


5. Visibility & Reporting

Knowing who, what, when and how a case is progressing keeps processes on track. The user interface shows case details on the home screen – down to each task, assignment and save. Dashboards compare cases or workloads. Easy reporting features allow leaders to get valuable metrics for strategic workforce planning.


4. Access Anywhere

Human Resources is about more than processing forms – it’s about relationships. Interactive web portals for both employees and HR Professionals create two-way conversations. Cloud-based systems allow users and employees to log on anytime, anywhere – from work, home, smart phone or tablet.


3. Easy to Change Processes

The only constant is change. Our customers lamented that major software systems that took months to update when a process changed. eFlow, eCase HR’s configuration tool, allows the user or administrator to quickly change a workflow as simply as you would create a chart. Drag and drop editors allow administrators to update the user interface, digital forms or major documents. The goal is to put the power back in the administrator’s hands and not require a technical expert to make changes.


2. Integrations with Microsoft & Enterprise Systems

Today’s HR Professional must work in a number of systems to process requests. eCase integrates with core Federal systems from eOPF to USA Jobs. It ties into common Microsoft Applications like MS Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint to update or host documents. An added benefit: the software isn’t just for submitting forms, users can work in MS Office applications within the system to complete Word documents or update spreadsheets.


1. Digital Forms, Letters & Autoresponders

The first question we get asked in demonstrations is “but, does it have the forms I need?” The answer is “yes.” The core feature of a case management system is the ability to move paper-based processes to a digital format. Digital forms, letters and pre-written emails are the base for all eCase Applications whether it’s Onboarding or Labor Relations.

AINS works with your agency to import your paper forms into digital format then design a workflow (how it gets from point A to B) to match your business process. A robust forms library comes integrated. The system can include pre-made email autoresponders to let employees know that their information is needed, received or to keep them engaged in the process.


Find out more about how eCase HR case management software can make the HR process easier for your team through the NFC BPA.


Download the PDF version of this article.


Feb242016 and AINS Team for Webcast and Whitepaper

AINS and recently joined forces to create a whitepaper and on-demand webcast on Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Application Development. is a thought leader in the world of BPM and case management solutions. Their website offers numerous thought-leadership content pieces including whitepapers, research reports, case studies, and blog posts by industry leaders. They also host an annual BPM and Case Management Summit which brings together experts in case management and end users. Webcast moderated a discussion surrounding the benefits of a case management platform with AINS customer URAC. URAC is a leading organization in the health care accreditation, education, and measurement realm. Their experience with AINS’ case management platform, eCase®, is used as a case study for the benefit of such solutions.

The case study webinar covers how URAC recognized the need for a case-based approach to address an increasing amount of varied and unstructured work, and (after a detailed market study) ultimately selected eCaseWorking with an internal team, URAC has leveraged eCase to modernize their accreditation management operations and business processes in the face of a constantly changing and extremely dynamic industry. For those of you who missed the live webcast, you can watch the recorded video through the above header link. Whitepaper has published a whitepaper entitled Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Application Development” which provides insight into the following:

  • Advantages of Adaptive Case Management over traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions
  • Emergence of low code, application development platforms and why they are an ideal fit for developing and managing case-centric business apps
  • Deep dive review of AINS’ eCase® Platform, with a focus on the value of an Enterprise Case Management System (ECMS) for customers like US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

You may read the full whitepaper through the header link above. 




Let Case Management BPM Help You Go Green this Earth Day

This month we celebrate Earth Day, a reminder that our planet deserves care an attention to stay healthy and to keep the people living their healthy too. April 22nd year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Creating a healthy and sustainable environment doesn’t rely on just one miracle solution. It takes a lot of efforts from a lot of different sources to build into something great. While building community gardens, throwing recycling drives, and hosting other environmentally conscious events can help raise awareness and make an impact, there are other ways to help Mother Earth.

Something you might not instantly equate with saving the Earth is going green in your business. Sure, it seems like a small (and almost too easy) step to take, but in the long run it can make a big difference. One way to put the environment first at work is to transfer your business processes from manual systems to a paperless BPM case management solution. Case management platforms like eCase and FOIAXpress automate work processes digitally, so the stacks of paper that outdated systems use are saved. In a report put out by the Department of the Interior Office of the Inspector General it was reported that after updating their office to AINS’ case management system, “Workflows are reducing the amount of paper we consume every year. We estimated that we save almost 16,000 sheets of paper, or 32 reams, by processing telework agreements and micropurchases electronically.”

16,000 sheets is nothing to sneeze at. It follows that with more digital automation across more agencies that even more paper could be saved. Over the years, that adds up to a lot of trees (and dollars) saved.

There are other things your office can do to increase its benefit to the environment. The next time you need to make a maintenance switch, upgrade to fluorescent bulbs and low-flow toilets. Install hand dryers instead of paper towels. Using a recycling service can help your office to cut down on paper waste. 




Case Management Could Bring Government Into Digital Age

President Obama issued and Executive order in 2011 urging government agencies to improve their customer service by joining the digital services age. Many commercial businesses know that if you can’t compete in efficiency and quality, you won’t last long. Thanks to this practice, the U.S. public has come to expect a certain standard of customer service. They expect self-service options available at the touch of a button (or click of a mouse). American adults are also increasingly using mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to interact with services. They expect the federal government to offer more mobile-friendly and self-service options.

The federal government has been making efforts to bring their customer service into the digital age. is probably one of the most prominent endeavors by the government to improve their customer-facing technology. With an ever more tech savvy public, government is going to have to up its technology game. Dynamic case management solutions like eCase are one way to help the federal government get up to speed. Automating processes can cut back on the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries and requests.

Adaptive case management solutions combine BPM and ECM capabilities to speed response times, improve records accuracy, and decrease overall spending. Case management software can help with processes ranging from human resources and correspondence to audit and investigations management.




Courtney James is AINS' Marketing & Graphic Design Associate. She has experience with social media, public relations, graphic design, event management, and many other marketing topics. Courtney loves to blog about topics dealing with technology in government, social media, and case management. She holds degrees in Communication and Art from the University of Maryland, College Park.