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FOIAXpress: Software-as-a-Service

AINS provides FedRAMP Certified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting solutions for our customers via our NIST-compliant datacenter that meets NIST 800-53 security control and FDCC requirements.  AINS SaaS hosting solution enables us to easily perform version upgrades, patches and more without requiring access to the client computing devices. The AINS SaaS solution provides the most cost-effective service delivery methodology for our customers, saving on IT support and infrastructure, software maintenance and hardware/hardware support.

Operational Controls

  • Personnel security
  • Physical security
  • Production input-output controls
  • Data integrity
  • Documentation and incident response capabilities and technical controls

Physical Security

  • Access gained through keypad provided by data watch
  • All security maintained and controlled by security officer
  • All personnel with access to data center maintain DOD secret clearances

Network and Web Security        

  • SSL encryption support
  • FIPS Moderate Compliant
  • Encrypt data files using 128bit NIST-approved AES encryption algorithm
  • Servers protected with latest anti-virus
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • High-end switches, and interconnections with multiple firewall layers
  • Network monitoring software for immediate notification of downtime
  • Physical and technical safeguards to protect PII
  • Standard tools such as AppScan for security and compliance testing
  • 99% uptime

Test Environment

  • Server environments for testing and training prior to deployment

Complete C&A process for each customer

Back-up, Redundancies & Disaster Recovery

  • Power redundancy: battery back-up and natural gas-powered back-up generator
  • Data redundancy: multiple service providers, redundant server replication
  • Redundant cooling: first and secondary cooling systems to ensure optimal temperature
  • Back-up storage plan: daily, weekly, and monthly back-ups
  • Fire suppression utilizing gas suppression device, eliminating need for water or chemical treatment
  • Disaster Recovery: back-up tapes sent to off-site facility
  • Authority to Operate (ATO) granted by USDA, HUD and VA

Hardware/software configuration

Product System which includes:

  • Application Server
  • Data Base Server & File Server with 25 GB of storage
  • OCR Server
  • PAL Server with 10 GB of starge for Public Reading Room and general stoarge
  • Additional permanent storage can be purchased at additional cost

Test/Development System


If ADR is purchased, the following basic configuration applies:

  • 10 GB of storage
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 1 Processor
  • Temporary storage can be purchased at an addiontal cost

Additional Permanent storage can be purchased at additional cost

Large data files greater than 25 MB can be uploaded and downloaded via encrypted disk drives at additional costs.