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FOIAXpress is the premier solution for managing and processing FOIA requests, but like all software tools, optimal performance is dependent on proper usage.  As a result, AINS is excited to announce our new offering of FOIAXpress Technical Services.

Our FOIAXpress technical experts are also FOIA processing experts – a combination that makes AINS uniquely situated to make recommendations for best FOIA practices and to provide FOIAXpress technical services.

The goal of AINS FOIAXpress Technical Services is to ensure the correct utilization of FOIAXpress for maximum efficiency, while assisting clients with FOIAXpress technical training, evaluating expanded use of advanced FOIAXpress technologies, and providing onsite FOIAXpress technical support.

AINS FOIAXpress Technical Services include:

  • FOIA Operations Health Assessment: AINS FOIA Consultants will analyze FOIA Annual Report data, examine the narrative of the Chief FOIA Officer’s Report, review historical trouble tickets submitted to AINS Help Desk, generate and evaluate a FOIA Annual Report in FOIAXpress, and conduct a client interview to gauge your department/agency’s FOIA operations and FOIAXpress utilization. Our consultants will then provide insights and practical recommendations for improvement.
  • FOIA Training and Education: AINS offers an array of education opportunities, including:
  • FOIAXpress Technical Support: AINS FOIAXpress Technical Support includes on-site technical support to improve client utilization of FOIAXpress, SOP Development/Update Support to create or strengthen client FOIA operating procedures via FOIAXpress, and Annual Report Production Support to assist clients with the strategies and tasks for producing the report.

Let the FOIAXpress Experts Improve Your FOIA Case Processing Results

Our FOIAXpress Consulting Team is expert at utilizing FOIAXpress to increase responsiveness and reduce costs.  Our team has practical agency experience in processing FOIA requests, producing the DOJ Annual Report, and developing strategies to maximize FOIA operational efficiency.  


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