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FOIAXpress: FOIA by Design.

FOIAXpress is the most comprehensive web-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application available for electronically processing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests.  As emphasis on government openness and transparency continues to increase, agencies and institutions are looking to find ways to streamline FOIA request management and facilitate citizen interaction. FOIAXpress is a one-stop software that manages the entire lifecycle of a FOIA request from initial request to final delivery of documents, including request management, correspondence management, document management, fee/payment management, document review and redaction, and reporting.

FOIAXpress Features:

  • Automation of the request lifecycle with workflow driven case management.
  • Standard required reports and ad hoc reporting capability. 
  • Reduction of redundant request processing. 
  • Electronic storage, retrieval, and management of documents.
  • In-depth audit trail of user actions.
  • Fee and billing tracking.
  • Correspondence management with built-in template.
  • Secure pixel-to-pixel electronic redaction.
  • Optical character recognition full text searching of documents.
  • Integration with a variety of document management systems, such as SharePoint, Hummingbird, Livelink, etc.
  • Deadline tracking and alerts.

Save Time and Money While Providing Accessibility

FOIAXpress has the largest installed base of any FOIA management system on the market with over 180 customers across the United States.  It is a powerful tool for automating the FOIA request process that can save agencies time and money while ensuring compliance with US Department of Justice (DOJ) requirements. AINS shares the government’s goal of transparency and accessibility which is why we designed FOIAXpress as a streamlined solution for providing the public with access to the information they seek.

AINS FOIAXpress user community boasts thousands of end users all supported by AINS dedicated support team.  We hold an annual FOIAXpress User Group Conference (FUG) to introduce features and functions of upcoming releases.  

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Not Federal? To learn more, read our State and Local FOIAXpress Brochure.

Does your state Freedom of Information, Public Records or Privacy Act legislation differ from the federal laws?  No problem! FOIAXpress supports the full range of legislative standards and procedures from state to state.