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FOIAXpress & ATIPXpress Advanced Document Review

Speed the FOIA Process: With the amount of FOIA requests increasing every day, and technology such as email exponentially expanding agency records, government FOIA offices are struggling to review their records and respond to FOIA requesters within the 20 day deadline. To keep up with requests and save agency FOIA costs, agencies must find ways to substantially reduce the number of responsive documents and speed their document review process.

Advanced Document Review (ADR) Speeds Document Review by Up to 70%!

FOIAXpress/ATIPXpress ADR leverages ediscovery technologies to allow your FOIA office to:

  • List and identify documents and sources
  • Identify duplicate and near duplicate documents and emails, ensuring that redactions are consistent across released documents
  • Search, categorize, and rank documents for ease of review
  • Manage a case from request to release
  • Audit log all actions on a case folder for accountability and defensibility
  • Graphical representation of report data
  • View and group documents by “custodian”
  • Reduce emails and electronic documents for review by up to 70%

Reducing document review time is integral to efficient FOIA processing. FOIAXpress/ATIPXpress ADR will enable your agency to process more FOIA requests with less resources allowing you to cope with an increasingly demanding FOIA environment.

The diagram above shows how FOIAXpress/ATIPXpress ADR fits into (and enriches) the FOIA request process in FOIAXpress or ATIPXpress. A FOIA request case is created and correspondence is managed. "Requests for Documents" are sent to document custodians. As these incoming collections of potentially relevant documents are received, they are ingested and indexed within the ADR module and then filtered using clustering, keyword search and de-duping. The final set of relevant documents is then exported to FOIAXpress/ATIPXpress to undergo redaction and final actions such as fee/payment management, delivery and reporting.

To learn more, read our FOIAXpress and ATIPXpress Advanced Document Review Brochure.