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Google Apps and Gadgets

Organizations are always looking for ways to do more with less.  Often today that means organizations are looking to move their IT infrastructure and services to the cloud and one of the most common first steps is migrating to Google’s Gmail and Google Apps for business offerings.While these offerings are powerful and versatile, organizations moving to them often find gaps between these new services and the legacy tools they are leaving behind.

How to Address the Gaps?

AINS' experienced engineers know how to help your organization fill the gaps quickly and effectively.   

Working closely with your organization AINS staff will:

  • Assess where your organization is in process of migrating to Google Mail and Apps.
  • Evaluate your current tools to determine what gaps can be anticipated.
  • Identify what Google Apps and Gadgets needs to be leveraged from our current set of offerings or developed (as needed) and implemented to address those gaps.
  • Develop a roadmap to allow your organization to quickly implement the needed Google Apps and Gadgets.
  • Implement the Google Apps and Gadgets.