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Solutions That Mean Business

AINS Inc. is a small IT business headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland that has been providing innovative solutions and services for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) since 1988.

Customer-Centered Service-Oriented IT Solutions

AINS provides comprehensive Information Technology (IT) services to federal, state and local governments, educational systems, health institutions, and commercial customers. By offering a single point of service for designing, installing, implementing, and supporting Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom solutions, AINS is able to help our customers make best use of technology in support of their business. Our top priority is to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness. We proactively offer recommendations and training options at every opportunity. AINS excels at analyzing client business requirements and creating a streamlined, scalable solution. We work closely with customers to learn their needs and apply our EIM and IT experience in developing lasting solutions that leverage the rapid evolution of technology.

Premier Products Empowering Information Management

Based on EIM industry demand and tailored to customer-specified features, AINS has developed a family of advanced COTS products for advanced dynamic case management, correspondence management, with integrated document and records management, eFOIA processing, workflow management and related scanning and redaction functions. Products from our commercial software suite are used by over 10,000 users and installed in over 140 federal agencies. With the largest installed customer base of any electronic Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  solution, our FOIAXpress product is the de facto electronic FOIA management standard. ATIPXpress, the Canadian version of FOIAXpress, is the number one Access to Privacy and Information (ATIP) tracking application in Canada.

Our eCase product is a versatile case management solution that is also gaining traction in the federal market. In addition, AINS provides a full range of operations and maintenance (O&M) support services including software upgrades, help desk assistance, software testing, configuration management, packaging, interoperability testing and deployment.

Dedicated to Excellence

AINS is committed to more than just selling products— we are dedicated to helping our customers enhance productivity, streamline business processes, save costs and improve efficiencies.  AINS has worked long and hard to become the leader in our field and we are dedicated to maintaining that position through continuous adjustments to enhance our products and increase our base of satisfied customers.


AINS, Inc. Mission Statement

AINS strives to translate business processes into best-value for our customers through innovative software solutions and professional services, while providing a challenging and satisfying environment for our employees. 

Corporate Values

AINS is dedicated to the mutual mission success of our customers, our corporation, and our employees through the values of:

  • Achieving true partnership with customers to improve their operational productivity and help them more efficiently manage information
  • Delivering solutions ethically and with a team-focus on excellence
  • Empowering employees to achieve growth, exercise creativity, and problem-solve

At AINS, we give highest priority to offering quality, timely and competitive solutions and services to our business relationships while making continuous strategic adjustments to maintain and enhance customer and employee trust in the AINS brand.