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OPM to Implement eCase for Federal Retirement and Investigations

AINS® Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), potentially worth $24.1 million over 5 years, from U.S. Office of Personnel Management to Implement Case Management product, eCase®, to Support Federal Retirement and Investigative Systems

eCase Selected as Enterprise Case Management Platform to Help Improve the Quality and Timeliness of Retirement and Background Investigation Processing

Gaithersburg, MD, December 7, 2015AINS, Inc., a leading global provider of cloud-based, adaptive case management platforms and solutions, today announced that the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has selected AINS’ eCase Platform as its Enterprise Case Management System (ECMS) to automate federal retirement and investigative processes in support of the agency’s technology modernization objectives.

The single award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), potentially worth $24.1 million over 5 years, is for ECMS COTS Product and Installation Services.  Under the BPA, AINS will implement eCase as an enterprise-wide shared platform to automate various OPM mission-critical business processes, providing a single, unified case management solution across the agency.  The first BPA Call issued under the BPA is for the initial installation of the eCase Platform. OPM will use the eCase Platform for Retirement Services (RS) and Federal Investigative Services (FIS), and will also assess additional business processes to consolidate and automate on to the ECMS.

By leveraging eCase’s core case management features, OPM will be able to implement solutions faster, reduce maintenance costs, extend system life and provide improved services to federal employees and retirees.

"Modernizing federal retirement and background investigation processing are two main cornerstones of OPM’s transformation to become more agile in responding to the needs of the nation’s largest workforce and we are extremely proud to be their partner for this strategic initiative," said Moe Goswami, president and CEO of AINS, Inc. “The selection of eCase as OPM’s enterprise case management system marks a significant milestone for AINS and reinforces our commitment to deliver innovative technology solutions that offer our clients greater flexibility in how they build, deploy and improve case-based business apps.  eCase will allow OPM to jump start their solution implementations, and provide long-term flexibility across the agency to adapt to the ever-changing needs of federal government workers and retirees.”

eCase is a low code, adaptive case management platform that enables agile, information-driven decision making across diverse lines of business within government and commercial markets. Configuration of core case management features—including UI design, forms, workflow, rules, and reports—allow it to automate highly structured and unstructured processes without the high cost and time constraints of custom code development.  By unifying manual processes and business process management (BPM) applications on the eCase Platform, organizations can streamline IT architecture, lower operation and maintenance cost, and reduce change risk. In addition to custom configurations, out-of-the-box eCase Solutions for Human Resources, Audit, Inspections and Investigations, Incident Management, and Open Government further accelerate time to value, while allowing organizations to easily modify their solutions as their processes change.  eCase can be hosted on premise, or in AINS’ FedRAMPSM cloud-certified data center.


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OCC to Add Online Payment Connector to PAL Portal

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to Add FOIAXpress® Online Payment Connector to Public Access Link (PAL) Portal

AINS Payment Gateway Enables First U.S. Federal Agency to Collect Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Fees via Secure, Online Payment Solution

AINS would like to announce the United States Department of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has selected AINS’ FOIAXpress® online payment connector for its eFOIA Public Access Link (PAL) portal to help simplify payments, and streamline collection processing and settlement.

With the addition of the FOIAXpress online payment connector, OCC will be the first U.S. federal agency to allow secure, online payments for FOIA requesters through their online portal. In addition to submitting requests and reviewing responsive documents via OCC’s public portal, FOIA requesters will be able to receive invoices, access account information and make secure payments through a single, unified point of access to support all of their FOIA needs.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with OCC, and look forward to working with them to further streamline our FOIA customers’ processing efforts," said Moe Goswami, president and CEO, AINS, Inc. "The availability of the online payment connector marks another milestone in our continued development of FOIAXpress. By enabling real-time, secure payments via a public portal, government agencies can now ensure they are capturing processing costs at the point of the receipt of documents, greatly improving processing times and enhancing the overall citizen experience.”

Historically, most government agencies have billed request processing fees to a requester after requests are processed, leading to delinquent and unpaid balances. For larger requests, many times estimates are provided to the requester in advance, requiring additional time for notifications and for the method of payment to reach the responding agency before records are released. By allowing secure online payments, agencies will have built-in flexibility to support a range of diverse billing requirements to ensure the timely recovery of costs associated with processing requests, while enhancing the online experience for constituents and reducing processing times. As an added benefit, PAL is already tightly integrated with FOIAXpress, providing the enterprise with a complete system for full lifecycle support of FOIA, FOIA Appeals and Privacy Act requests—all of which is hosted by AINS in its FedRAMPSM certified hosting facility.

The FOIAXpress online payment connector is the first online payment tool of its kind, allowing government agencies to seamlessly accept online payments for FOIA processing. This innovative payment gateway is available as an add-on to the FOIAXpress PAL portal, providing connectivity with third-party payment providers. AINS initially built this integrated, online payment functionality for the Canadian Government as an added feature of ATIPXpress® to support Access to Information and Privacy Act (ATIP) and FOIP requests.

FOIAXpress® is the industry’s leading software for collaborative, case-based processing of Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests. Built on the eCase® adaptive case management platform, FOIAXpress offers federal, state and local government agencies, public institutions and healthcare organizations a single, unified platform for managing the entire lifecycle of requests—from initial inquiry to delivery of documents through archival of the case. FOIAXpress is a powerful tool for automating the FOIA request process, saving organizations time and money, while ensuring compliance with U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) reporting and procedural requirements. With the largest installed base of any eFOIA management system on the market, FOIAXpress is the solution of choice for more than 300 government agencies and institutions in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about FOIAXpress and its PAL web portal, visit


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EEOC Links Up with AINS Public Portal

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has selected AINS to deploy eCase SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), AINS’ case management and business process management tool, to support the next generation of online services and applications for the public. EEOC’s new eCase online portal will provide the public with an easy way to access information about discrimination, perform quick and efficient self-screening for discrimination coverage, and provide a gateway to submit and track discrimination complaints. eCase will provide tools to aid the complaintant and investigator, as well as improve the process from pre-intake through completion of the intake process.

Said AINS CEO Moe Goswami, “We think it’s crucial to make the link between government and its citizens strong and accessible. This public portal solution makes it easier for EEOC to give people what they need when they need it.”

Read the full press release here.