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Web Portal: Connect to Citizens.

Public Access Link (PAL) is a public-facing web portal that complements AINS FOI Tools - FOIAXpress & ATIPXpress -  by providing efficient and secure communication between citizens and agencies.

In the United States, PAL Web Portal integrates with FOIAXpress to meet Executive Order 13,392 requirements for improving agency disclosure of information. PAL Web Portal allows the public to submit and track the status of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests over the Internet.

In Canada, PAL Web Portal's integration with ATIPXpress enables Freedom of Information and Protection of Privay Act (FIPPA), Access to Information Act (ATIA) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to be similarly submitted and tracked by the public.

The PAL Web Portal also has a Public Reading Room on which agencies can proactively post frequently requested documents.

PAL Web Portal Features

Full integration with FOIAXpress & ATIPXpress provides: 

  • An autogenerated tracking number attached to each case.
  • Auto-population of request and requester information in the new case.
  • Automatic email acknowledgement notification sent to the requester.

Requestors have the ability to: 

  • Create a PAL account with a unique login ID and password.
  • Submit requests for information electronically through a link on an agency service center site or other website.
  • Attach supporting documents to their request.
  • Send messages to the primary person assigned to their request.
  • Directly download the final sanitized documents  when/if the documents are released to the requester through PAL.

Public Reading Room provides agencies with the ability to: 

  • Post and manage frequently requested documents.
  • Review and sanitize documents, then publish directly to the PAL Public Reading Room.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

PAL Web Portal’s integration with AINS FOI Tools automates and expedites request case creation for agencies, providing efficient communication between the public and agencies. In addition, the PAL Web Portal's Public Reading Room allows citizens to acquire documents with minimal agency support. By creating an online portal for citizens to request information and track their cases, PAL puts agencies on the forefront of public access to information.

To learn more, read our Public Access Link (PAL) Web Portal with FOIAXpress Brochure or read our Public Access Link (PAL) Web Portal with ATIPXpress Brochure.