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Products Overview

Based on the overwhelming challenges public and private sector organizations are facing in managing information and content, AINS has developed a family of advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products designed to assist organizations with managing their information. Information management is much more than just technology. It is about the business processes and practices that underpin the creation and use of information.

At AINS, we develop COTS software and provide IT services that automate critical business operations, allowing our clients to focus on their primary tasks: being more efficient and productive while continuing to provide world-class quality service to their own customers.

FOIAXpress: FOIA By Design.

FOIAXpress is the most comprehensive web-based COTS application available for electronically processing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests.  

ATIPXpress: Accelerate Access.

ATIPXpress is the most comprehensive web-based COTS application available for electronically processing freedom of information (FOI) requests in Canada.

eCase: One Solution, Many Applications.

eCase is a comprehensive web-based workflow driven case management system.  The framework supports multiple disparate enterprise applications from a single system.

Advanced Document Review (ADR): Supercharge FOIA review.

The ADR add-on module for FOIAXpress and ATIPXpress provides the tools to automate and speed the document review process for FOIA requests.

Public Access Link (PAL) Web Portal: Connect to Citizens.

Public Access Link (PAL) is a public-facing web portal that complements FOIAXpress by providing efficient communication between citizens and agencies.

RedactXpress: Securely Redact & Declassify Documents.

RedactXpress is a stand-alone redaction and declassification software tool used to permanently remove sensitive information from electronic documents.

ScanXpress: Efficient Backfile Conversion.

ScanXpress is a professional scanning application for converting large batches of paper documents into electronic documents.

 DocViewer: Efficient Document Management

DocViewer provides a low cost, full featured document management solution--eliminating the inefficiency and risk of traditional file management at a fraction of the price of other document management software. 





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