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RedactXpress: Securely Redact & Declassify Documents.

RedactXpress is a stand-alone redaction and declassification software tool used to permanently remove sensitive information from electronic documents. It eliminates the tedious manual labor of making copies, tracking documents, and filing. RedactXpress streamlines compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Privacy Act, Health Information Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPPA), and the Openness in Government Act of 2007.

Secure Redactions, Irreversible Burn-In

RedactXpress is a state-of-the-art redaction solution that provides irreversible redaction after burn-in. Unlike solutions that merely hide the information under black bars, RedactXpress completely and securely removes information by using pixel-to-pixel replacement and then generating a new redacted document; deleted information can never be recovered. In addition, RedactXpress has built-in and customizable exemption codes for FOIA and the Privacy Act which can be auto-inserted into redaction areas.

RedactXpress Features

  • Insertion of exemption codes directly into the redacted area.
  • Works in stand-alone mode or integrated with FOIAXpress.
  • Polygon and rectangle redaction tools with ability to redact page in full.
  • Multiple redaction layers to capture the entire review process.
  • Comment boxes, sticky notes, highlighters, ellipses, predefined and custom stamps, and strike-through lines for annotating and editing documents.
  • .doc, .xls, .rtf, .ppt, pdf, .wpd, .vsd documents are converted to .tif images for redacting purposes.
  • Ability to save documents in .pdf and .tif formats.

A Complete Redaction Solution

RedactXpress is quick, user-friendly, and fully automated- no more blackout markers! RedactXpress is the perfect tool for redaction professionals in government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, law firms, and corporate human resources departments because it saves time and labor while ensuring complete redaction security.

To learn more, read our RedactXpress Brochure.