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ReportXpress: Run your Organization, Run your Reports.

Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting 

Information is propagating at an unprecedented rate and it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations and businesses to make sense of it all. One way to cope with this problem is with report tools which can analyze and sift through large volumes of data and extract relevant information.  Standard reports work well when analyzing day-to-day operations,  however, as the business environment changes and the information influx continues to rise, it becomes essential for an organization to be versatile in its information analysis capabilities. Custom or ad hoc reports give organizations a tool to quickly analyze new information on the fly and extract the non-standard data that is often essential for correct decision making.

Two Approaches to Ad Hoc Reporting

Traditionally, organizations have had two ad hoc report tool approaches to choose from:

  1. Purchase a third party report tool.
  2. Develop the tool in-house.

A third party tool spares the organization the time and cost associated with in-house development but often does not fit seamlessly into the organization's exisiting business management framework.  It sacrifices ease of use for ease of implementation.  Conversely, an in-house developed reporting tool fits seamlessly in the organization's existing framework but requires significant development time - sacrificing ease of implementation for ease of use.

However, AINS offers a third option with our ReportXpress reporting tool.

ReportXpress delivers full featured ad hoc reporting seamlessly into your existing management framework - eliminating IT overhead and shortening training time. 

The Third Approach: ReportXpress

ReportXpress is designed to give the best of both worlds, integrating its full featured ad hoc reporting tool into an organization's existing business management system. Users do not have to acclimate themselves to a new interface or new program - the ReportXpress ad hoc reporting tool integrates seamlessly into your organization's existing business management software framework.  In addition, the ReportXpress connector makes integration a snap, eliminating the IT costs associated with developing an in-house custom reporting tool. ReportXpress helps you do what you do best:  run your organization - without slowing you down.

To learn more read our ReportXpress Brochure.