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Services Overview

The primary focus at AINS is customer centered and service oriented. We work closely with customers to learn their needs and requirements, and apply our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Information Technology (IT) experience to develop lasting solutions that leverage the rapid evolution of technology.

We offer a thorough set of in-depth services as well as support, consulting and staff augmentation.  AINS strives to support the scale, complexity and full lifecycle of our client engagements.  

A Unique Set of Skills and Well-Focused Objectives

AINS provides a full range of IT Services to enable our clients to meet their business challenges with rapid and sustainable solutions. AINS has a track record of providing on-time and on-budget solutions for our clients.  Our focus on developing and maintaining highly qualified technical staff allows us to respond with agility to our clients needs providing the best technical solution for each specific challenge.

AINS Services Include: