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Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying:

“Any time I can take a class pertaining to law, I am overwhelmed.  [AINS] FOIA law training was more than a focus on the exemptions.  The class covered an entire overview of FOIA taking us from the inception of FOIA to the current day laws”.  

- Cornelia Burkhalter, FOIA Specialist



Training & Education


AINS provides classroom-led, web-based and custom, onsite training courses designed to advance your skills quickly and maximize the return on your software investment. Our course curriculum covers a variety of topics and receives regular updates throughout the year to ensure students are current with the latest trends, technology, and best practices.




Our classroom training provides you with the most effective way to learn, with live in-person training led by a certified AINS software expert. Get your questions handled live and network with your peers. Instructor-led courses take place at our training facility in Washington, DC. 





Need to train a team? Onsite training is the way to go.

If you prefer a personalized classroom experience closer to home, we’re happy to travel to you. Our trainers deliver onsite and customized training to ensure your team gets exactly what they want from their training experience.




FOIAXpress Basic Training




This course is designed for new FOIAXpress users, but it includes numerous tips, advanced techniques, and challenge exercises for experienced users.


Course Overview

This two-day introductory course uses a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice to introduce the major features of FOIAXpress. By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to manage the full lifecycle of a FOIA request—from creation of request to delivery of documents through archival of the case.


Upcoming Classes

March 7-8

March 28-29

April 18-19

May 9-10

June 6-7

June 27-28

July 18-19

August 8-9

September 5-6

September 26-27

October 31 – November 1

December 5-6




FOIAXpress ADR Training





This course is designed for anyone who is new to using FOIAXpress ADR, or existing users wanting to explore advanced features of the tool. 


Course Overview

This half day training course will provide an in-depth review of all of the core features and capabilities of FOIAXpress® Advanced Document Review (ADR).  It will include a detailed look at how ADR can help your teams handle large volumes of emails, attachments and countless other file types in order to speed the discovery process.  Students will participate in hands-on exercises and become proficient in ADR’s ability to quickly filter, deduplicate, rank and sort documents, with seamless integration with FOIAXpress.

During this half day course, participants will learn the following:

  • Introduction and comprehensive feature review of FOIAXpress ADR
  • How to efficiently process documents and how to search for records
  • Understand how to identify responsive records and move documents to FOIAXpress
  • Explore the full reporting capabilities and create custom reports with ease

The class includes hands-on lab exercises that allow students to apply what they have learned during the lecture phases. 


Upcoming Classes

April 20

July 20

November 2



FOIA & Privacy Law Training









This course is designed for FOIA and Privacy professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the ever-changing laws and regulations.


Course Overview


This intensive three-day course for entry-level FOIA and Privacy Act professionals will be dedicated to learning the fundamentals of the FOIA and Privacy Act. Topics will include: which records are subject to the FOIA, processing FOIA requests (including determining if a request is a “proper” FOIA request, time limits, identifying requester categories, understanding the FOIA fee structure, processing requests for fee waivers/expedited processing, and drafting responses), FOIA exemptions, litigation considerations, an overview of the Privacy Act, how to process requests under the Privacy Act, and the interface between the FOIA and the Privacy Act.


Upcoming Classes


The FOIA and PA Law training is held based on customer interest. Please contact for more information.


We require a minimum of six (6) students and a maximum of twelve (12) students for each session. You must register and receive payment confirmation no later than one (1) weeks before the scheduled training start date. All training sessions are subject to cancellation if a sufficient number of registrants is not reached two (2) weeks before the class date.


Note: Courses subject to change. Availability based on student registration. Contact us for the latest schedule and course availability.


Have a specific question about training and education? We’re here to help!

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